West Indies / Caribbean

Antigua - Cuba -

Nelson's Dockyard National Park: (St. John's, Antigua) This museum is being restructured to tell the story of English Harbour and of the people that toiled and sweated in this famous Georgian naval yard. It will also explain the 20th century return of sailing ships and the aims and aspirations of Nelson's Dockyard National Park in St. John's, Antigua, West Indies.
Piracy Museum: (CUBA) The central theme of the Piracy Museum, lodged in the Morro Castle of Santiago de Cuba, is to record the atrocities, looting, and violence committed by the pirates. This fortress, erected on a cliff at the entrance of the bay in the 17th century, was built precisely to defend the city from the filibusters (an adventurer who engages in a private military action in a foreign country). The Museum shows, among other things, that, since 1538, Santiago de Cuba was the victim of successive piratical attacks for twenty-four consecutive years.
Netherlands Antilles
Maritime Museum of Curacao: (Netherlands Antilles) Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, an island in the Caribbean, is and always will be connected to the sea. It¹s strategic geographical location towards the Americans and natural deep water harbor, made major seafaring and commercial center from the early days of it¹s history. A rich maritime history that continues to influence the daily lives of its community, and is synonymous to it¹s general history.