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Canal Fulton Heritage Society:  (OH) Visit the Canal Fulton Heritage Society where the canal history describs how the canal was constructed at great expense for a small poor state of 600,000. Although farmers were raising bumper crops in the rich Ohio soil, without outlets to the eastern markets, they could find no buyers for their produce. A solution was devised by building "The Big Ditch" as some called it. Once the canal was in operation in 1827, from Akron to Cleveland, prices for wheat rose from ten cents a bushel to a dollar a bushel! Ohio almost overnight went from being one of the poorest states to one of the richest.

Fairport Marine Museum: (OH) The Fairport Harbor Marine Museum is the first Great Lakes lighthouse marine museum in the State of Ohio as well as the United States. The museum was founded in 1945 by the Fairport Harbor Historical Society, which is devoted to preserving and perpetuating the historic tradition of Fairport Harbor and the Great Lakes area.

Great Lakes Marine and U.S. Coast Guard Memorial Museum at Ashtabula: (OH) The Great Lakes Marine and U.S. Coast Guard Memorial Museum, founded in 1984, is housed in the former residence of the local lighthouse keepers and Coast Guard commanders.

Historical Collections of the Great Lakes: (OH) The HCGL, a resource for serious scholars, maintains an extensive collection of photographs of vessels, people, and the ports of the Great Lakes and its connecting waterways. The Collection provides research facilities with extensive archives and photographs. A Great Lakes maritime researcher's dream.

Historic Roscoe Village: (OH) Roscoe Village is a nineteenth-century living History community in Coshocton, Ohio, near the heart of Amish Country.  This section of east-central Ohio was total wilderness with no outlet for its produce except by primitive wagon roads or infrequent river rafts/boats.

Inland Rivers Library: (OH) The Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen established The Inland Rivers Library in 1956 in cooperation with the Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Inland Seas Maritime Museum: (OH) The fascinating story of Great Lakes lore is told through ship models, paintings, Exhibits and collections of artifacts such as engines, machinery and unusual items unique to the Inland Seas. The museum exhibits its collections in the former Wakefield Mansion right on Lake Erie in Vermilion, Ohio.

Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum: (OH) The Lake Erie Islands Historical Society, on South Bass Island at Put-in-Bay, was founded in 1985 by islanders who realized that our historical and maritime heritage treasures would soon be lost to economic development unless they created a unique museum. Here educational programs are presented each summer covering such topics such as: John Brown, Jr., Lighthouses of Western Lake Erie, Island Caves and Geology of the Great Lakes. And the museum maintains a collection of very interesting boats too.

Maritime Museum of Sandusky: (OH) Sandusky Area Maritime Center reflects maritime history from the earliest days of Great Lakes navigation where fishing was regarded as the city's principal industry, exporting over 10 million pounds annually. In the days before refrigeration, Sandusky was a leader in production of natural ice from the frozen Sandusky Bay. And Sandusky's west end was the site for the shipping of coal since 1893.

Ohio River Museum:  (OH) The Ohio River Museum, in Marietta, consists of three exhibit buildings, the first of which houses displays depicting the origins and natural history of the Ohio River. The golden age of the steamboat is featured in the second building, along with a video presentation on river steamboats. The last building explores the enduring relationship between man and the river. Boat building is also featured.

Piqua Historical Area: (OH) The sixty-eight-foot General Harrison, replica of a passenger/freight boat of Ohio's canal heyday, offers mule-drawn rides on a mile-long restored section of the Miami & Erie canal at the Piqua Historical Area.


Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center: (OH) The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center commemorates the 19th President of the U.S. in the library Museum on his beautiful 25-acre homesite where he lived from 1873 to 1893. The Center maintains collections of documents and artifacts from the prison ship Success which are currently on long-term loan to the Sandusky Maritime Museum.


SS Willis B. Boyer Museum Ship: (OH) The SS Willis B. Boyer Museum Ship is berthed at International Park located in the downtown Toledo. The massive 617 foot freighter has been seen as a tribute to the city's rich port heritage and the many freighters that continue to pass through the port.

Sandy and Beaver Canal: (OH) The Sandy and Beaver Canal, East Liverpool, ushered in the canal era in Ohio and began with the construction of the Ohio-Erie Canal in 1825. It connected the Ohio River at Portsmouth with Lake Erie at Cleveland. Several feeder canals were later built connecting with this important waterway to access the larger markets and promote economic development along the waterway. The Sandy & Beaver Canal was one of these feeder canals.

Steamer William G. Mather Museum: (OH) In Cleveland, Museum ships are so important to our maritime history and heritage and the Mather awaits your visit to explain the Great Lakes great ore boats.

USS Cod: (OH) The USS Cod, in Cleveland, is the last completely authentic World War II Gato Class submarine, is now a floating museum and is as she was when decommissioned. She awaits your visit both here on its webpage and in person.

USS RADFORD, DD (later DDE) 446: (OH) The USS Radford National Naval Museum at Newcomerstown, Ohio, is located at Exit 65 off Interstate 77, north of the intersection with Interstate 70. Founded by Vane Scott, president of the USS Radford Association, it was opened to the public September 2001. USS Radford, DD (later DDE) 446, was one of America’s most decorated destroyers. The fifth ship of the 2100-ton Fletcher class. She was named for Rear Admiral William Radford who had overall command of the Union squadron at Hampton Roads during the battle between Monitor and Virginia in 1862. The Radford Museum is adjacent to Temperance Tavern Museum, formerly an Ohio canal and stagecoach stopover, now with displays dedicated to native sons Cy Young and Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes. Visitors to the Radford Museum will find extensive displays. Group tours are welcome. For information,please call 740-498-4446.

Warther Carving Display: (OH)The Warther Carving Museum of Sugarcreek, Ohio is where a unique art exhibit is located in Ohio's Amish community. Warther is an expert carver of beautiful legal-ivory boats and ships. Ivorybuyer.com provides you the opportunity to sell your legal estate and antique ivory.

The Western Reserve Historical Society Library: (OH) The Western Reserve Historical Society Library in Cleveland, contains an extensive library, photo, and manuscript collections on Great Lakes maritime history and Ohio Canal history.